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Privacy Policy


  1. In the process of our dealings with you, your personal information will be collected and processed by us for the purpose of providing you with our Services and managing you and our relationship with you. This may be related to giving your personal data to others. The following Privacy Policy gives a comprehensive interpretation of how your personal data will be used and how it is possible for you to exercise your rights regarding it.
  2. The following Privacy Policy includes references to “we”, ”us” or “our” (and the words that have the close meaning), which will mean Dayibson Investment Limited that cooperates with you and deals with your personal data (as specified below).
  3. When the reference to “you” is mentioned, this will signify the very person whose personal data is being collected and processed. This may be everyone who contacts us about our Services, cooperates, or interacts with us.
  4. Any of the capitalized terms that is specified below must be of the similar interpretation and meaning as specified in the Terms of Use, if it is not otherwise stated.
  5. The following Privacy Policy shall be applied to you throughout the entire process of using our Website.

General Provisions

  1. We strive to provide you with the service and experience at the highest level. For that to be possible, we deem it required to implement an easy, yet, authentic procedure of identification. In addition to that, specific manners of communication and available options to you are set up.
  2. While you use our Service, only particular details are collected from our side. This is done in order to improve the usage of our Website by users and to make their experience the best possible.
  3. By expressing your consent with this Privacy Policy, you agree that the goal of collecting particular details about you is specified adequately, that it is explicit and legitimate.
  4. The information that we collect based on the provisions of this Privacy Policy is seen as gathered honestly and lawfully. No details about you are gathered without obtaining your prior explicit consent.

What data we gather about you and in which way

We may specifically gather and process the data about you, which is mentioned below:

  1. Contact information: including your name, email address, valid telephone number and any addresses related to the account you have.
  2. Information from your profile: contact information (such as mentioned above) and other possible data you give to us when you create your personal account on our Website.
  3. All messages sent to or from you, any communication between us: including emails and correspondence provided in a written form.
  4. Information about transactions and payments: all the records of the Services you ever purchased with us will be saved together with the information about the methods of payments you ever used to purchase our Services.
  5. Login information: including login information about any third-party services (such as Facebook) and the information from your profile (such as your log-in), together with your user name and a photo you use, and other information from that service as allowed by you and that service.
  6. Information about how you connect to our Website and how you use it.
  7. We gather data about the way you use the Website, including the pages and links you access, the time when you access the Website and how much time you spend on it. Also, this includes the information while your visit to our Website about the third-party website you came from or go to after you leave this Website, including your preferences and choices you make while using our Website.
  8. The information about the computer or any other electronic device used by you in order to connect to the Website, for example, information about the device you use, its type (which can include unique device identifying numbers), operating system set up on it, the kind of browser you use and various possible applications related to the Website through the device, your Internet service provider or mobile network, IP address you have and the telephone number of your device (if any).
  9. Generally, the data gathered about the way you use or connect to the Website is related to the device you use only, never with you as a person who owns the device. Nevertheless, when you log into the account that is already registered, we will associate it directly with you.
  10. Information of your location: we never ask or gather data that can signify where exactly you are located, except the information you decide to provide us by your own discretion. The IP address of your device may help us identify your approximate location, but it will never be more than the city you are using your device from, state or country.
  11. Information given to us by others: from time to time other users of our Website give us the information that may be related to and associated with your personality.
  12. Information given to us by other organizations: we may get any information about you from other organizations. This information may be associated with you if this is permitted by them to do so. Such information usually includes any contact data, demographic or Internet navigation information.

Most of the information we gather is submitted by you personally. However, we may collect certain details by ourselves with your agreement.

Details that are provided by you:

  1. Details submitted into surveys / questionnaires / forms;
  2. Details provided by you through communication with our Support Team;
  3. Gender, race and age, and other information which we may receive from a video testimonial as we post clients’ video testimonials on our Website and/or YouTube channel, which may contain personal information of our clients;
  4. Details about the identification of your personality.

The details we gather are collected by:

  1. Examining your interaction with our Website and activity on it,
  2. Tracking the transactions made to our Website;
  3. Implementing cookie files and other related technologies.

The following details are never collected by us:

  1. Your sexual orientation,
  2. Your views on politics,
  3. Your religious, philosophical or any different related beliefs,
  4. Your physical or mental health conditions,
  5. Any of your criminal convictions.

How we use your personal information

Your personal data is used by us in connection with the activities of our business. Also, your personal information can be used in the situations listed below:

  1. When we need to authorize you and save the record of the transactions you made with us together with your interactions with us;
  2. In order to get in touch with you as well as giving you the best possible service;
  3. When we need to make sure that any content that is published on our Website is clearly presented both for you and the device you use to view it;
  4. In order to give you the information and/or Services requested by you or in case we ourselves believe to be interesting for you and any third-parties;
  5. When we need to carry out the obligations that occur from any contracts/agreements we came into with you;
  6. In order to stay in contact efficiently with the third-party payment providers in respect of the process of any payment made by you or to you;
  7. When we need to inform you about any changes occurred to the Services we provide;
  8. For the purpose of handling the payments made by you;
  9. In order to generate, correct, advance, boost, delete or fix the Services we provide and their performance;
  10. For the purpose of making internal business decisions about up-to-date and future offerings of Services;
  11. In order to give you the user's experiences that are customized, which includes personalized offerings of the Services;
  12. For the purpose of protecting our rights, interests, security and property of our customers along with the service providers and other third parties; and
  13. In order to follow the law or for any legal purposes that are necessary.

Information that can be shared with third parties about you

Your personal data can be shared with other third parties as follows:

  1. Any of the third parties accomplish some specific actions on our behalf which include the processing of the personal data provided by you. We give those third parties an availability of the personal data of yours only when it is required so.
  2. Your personal data can be rendered to the external organizations and agencies, which allows to avoid and notice any fraud actions (including but not limited to the fraudulent transactions) or illegal actions.
  3. Your personal data can be sold, divulge, or transmitted being a part of a corporate business transactions, which is related to the merger, financing, joint venture, acquisition, corporate reorganization, or sale of company assets, or in the unlikely event of insolvency, receivership, or bankruptcy, when the data could be rendered to the third- parties as a business asset in the transaction.
  4. Your personal data may be transferred to any third parties in case we have an obligation to reveal and give your personal data for the purpose of observing any juridical responsibility (according to the court order).
  5. Any cumulative non-personal data related to the visitors of our Website, sales and traffic patterns, including the partners of ours and the third parties.
  6. Your personal data can be rendered to the third parties in case you give us your prior affirmative consent. You can provide us with it in the written form or online by means of "click-through" agreements; by accepting the terms related to the disclosure of some specific Services; in oral form while communicating with the Customer Support Representatives of our Website.

Our use of Google Analytics

  1. Here at this Website we use Google Analytics which is a service that helps us make a Web analysis due to Google Inc. ("Google"). The service Google Analytics itself uses "cookies" and they help us track the way you use our Website. The use of cookies means that the information of how you use our Website is rendered to the Google's server located in the USA. Google, in return, makes the use of the information received and with the help of it evaluates the way you use our Website by creating the reports of your activity and providing the rest of the services which are connected with the activity on this Website. Also Google can transmit the information received to the other third parties if it is required by law, or in the cases when these third parties process the information that is received on behalf of Google.
  2. Google as well as our Google Analytics data can start using your personal data taken from the personal Google account of yours that allow showing you ads based on your preferences. This takes place in case you allow Google to associate the history from your browser and app with your personality. This way your personal data will be taken from your personal Google account and upon the data gathered by the Google Analytics tool in order to build the lists of audience or for the purpose of cross-device remarketing. Based on it, you will see ads on any device you use which is connected to your account at Google, because we used the data of the signed-in user.
  3. Google gathers the Google-authenticated sign-in ID along with the other personal data that is associated with the specific account at Google of our users. And for the purpose of supporting our audiences Google also adds these identifiers to our Google Analytics data.
  4. With the above mentioned cookies, we also use other third party vendor remarketing tracking type of cookies, which includes the tracking cookie of Google Adwords. Due to it we will keep on displaying you ads while you are browsing the Internet, which is specifically related to the Google Content Network (GCN).
  5. The third-party vendors, which includes Google whose services are at our disposal, will place cookies on the web browsers for the purpose of serving ads upon the history of the latest visits to our Website. With the help of it we will create special offers for our clients and keep on marketing our Services to all visitors who expressed their preference of our Services.
  6. The use of cookies may be stopped at any moment by our clients if they choose the specific settings in the browsers they use. By doing this, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that it may influence the proper functionality of our Website.
  7. Also our visitors should realize that any of the personal data that is gathered at this Website will never be stored as a part of the remarketing program we use. Remarketing is used by us with one and only purpose that is to give you promotions and additional information upon the previous experience and behavior of the visitors on our Website.
  8. To get even more information, please visit the Privacy Policy page and Analytics Help.

Ways of Communication

  1. When we gather and make use of the collected personal details, we do our best to meet the highest standards of quality. Consequently, any reported complains are treated with the utmost importance. If you believe that the information or manner in which we collect it is not fair, deceitful or unsuitable, we encourage you to inform us about this. Any and all suggestions are always welcome.
  2. If you need any additional details or explanations, please send your request to

Access to your personal information

Our goal is to be as open as possible about any personal information we store. You can ask about any personal details that we may hold by sending a “subject access request”. In cases when we do hold certain information connected with you, we will:

  1. Provide a description of the information;
  2. Inform you about the reasons as to why we are storing it;
  3. Let you know who it can be disclosed to;
  4. Provide you with a copy of the details in an intelligible form.

Any access request may be subject to a fee to meet our costs in providing you with details of the personal information we hold about you.

When submitting your request for personal information, please put it in written form by sending an email to our Customer Support Team -

Opt-Out Provision

In order to opt out of any SMS or email notifications, please contact us. Upon getting your request, we will stop sending you the notifications within 10 business days.

Final provisions

  1. The SSL-certificate used to process all the information submitted to the order and/or inquiry forms guarantees full confidentially of your information and the safety of all the transactions submitted through these forms.
  2. To restrict access of any third party to the collected personal details of our clients, we shall take all reasonable efforts. Our employees are to be properly instructed and trained to keep the safety of provided information.
  3. This Privacy Policy document forms a complete understanding between you and us. Neither party of the agreement, nor you, nor us, shall have confidence in any oral or written details not expressly included in this Privacy Policy.
  4. Notices and reports of this document are to be considered as learned and read when 1 day passes from the moment the report or notice was sent.
  5. This document may be changed, adjusted, revised at our absolute and sole discretion with any issued notices or warnings.

Contacting Us

  1. You are welcome to ask questions, give us your comments, and send us requests in relation to our Privacy Policy to
  2. The agreement of the Privacy Policy is concluded in electronic form, which equals in legislative force to that signed in ink.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 28 January, 2018.

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